Medicaid Eligibility in Idaho

It’s common knowledge that the cost of long-term care can often be out of reach for many Idahoans. With monthly costs exceeding $8K in some cases, this issue is devastating to all families, even those that have considerable assets before entering long-term care. Providing this much needed care has been stressful to many families in our great state. McCool Law focuses on helping families deal with these expenses, saving you the heartache and grief felt by so many.

Medicaid is a joint program between the federal government and the state government. Idaho determines how the program is managed, subject to certain federal requirements. Eligibility is based on financial need.


Long-term care assistance is available through Idaho Medicaid for families that meet income and asset requirements. McCool Law helps you maneuver through these complex and difficult standards, while protecting your assets whenever possible.


Your loved ones worked their entire lives to build their estate/assets. You must plan accordingly to protect those assets if long-term care becomes inevitable. It is vital to understand the difference between “counted” and “uncounted” assets and their limitations. How much income can you have and still qualify, and what is a Miller Trust? Misinterpreting spousal rules could make life extremely difficult for the community spouse, or the spouse not in long-term care.

The time to plan is now while everyone is healthy and independent. Don’t let one or two years of care deplete a lifetime of savings.

The bottom line…don’t assume you can’t afford long-term care until you’ve spoken to McCool Law. Also, don’t try to go it alone. Call our Boise law office at 208-963-8100 to schedule your free consultation today and put our team to work for you.

Questions about Medicaid?

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